About Masters

For over 50 years, Masters Advertising has been humming some very special tunes. The songs we sing are not about us, but rather about the brands we represent.

Like a song that is stuck in your head and won’t go away, the campaigns we compose are catchy and vibrant and above all – based on the truth. Which is why many of our brands grow and prosper beyond the here and now? We aim to make the truth exciting, entertaining and effective. Through basing our ideas on human insights we believe that honesty can indeed reap rich dividends.

There are some songs that we simply will not sing. For instance we will never sing a song that doesn’t ring true. And we will never sing about alcohol and tobacco either.

On the flip side, you find our repertoire to be vast and diverse. When it comes to reaching out to customers we really do know how to strike a chord.

Quietly making noise for 50 years, we’ve been talking a backseat to the brands we represent; quietly doing the job of creating stars, giving them life and launching them to success.

In a nutshell, we are a strategy led creative agency with an eye on your company’s bottom line. We span the spectrum of ATL, BTL, Ambient, PR, and Packaging and Online communication paying great attention to results.

The best advertising agency in Sri Lanka

They say that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step; here at Masters Advertising LTD we believe that step begins with great advertising. Established in 1963 by its visionary founder Cyril E. Masilamani, we are now one of the pioneering advertising agencies in Sri Lanka and take pride in being engraved in the history of some of Sri Lanka’s top corporate success stories. Here at Masters we understand that the success of any brand goes beyond design and media services extending into various promotional activities. Therefore, over the years we have expanded our services to include event planning and public relations activities in order to facilitate our clients’ needs..

In choosing Masters advertising you not only select an agency that can take care of advertising but a team that is experienced and knowledge-able in all required promotional and marketing activities..